Instagram: @jazzy_pottery

Hi friends, my name is Jaz. My first pottery class was in my freshman year of high school in 2013. When I finally got the chance to try making pottery, I found the creative outlet that I always felt was missing in my life. The ceramics room became my happy place and a safe space to be around like-minded people. From then on I knew pottery would always have a special place in my life.

For the rest of high school, I spent as much time as I could in the ceramics room throwing on the wheel or helping out around the studio.  I planned to get a bachelors degree in art with a focus in ceramics, but after two terms of virtual ceramics class during the pandemic, I moved back home from college to my dads house where I had a small pottery wheel and got a job at the local clay store. There I met many amazing people and learned much more about the world of pottery. Creating a pottery studio for others to enjoy was a dream my mom Kathy and I talked about for years, and in the fall of 2021 we began the work to turn our dream of a community studio to a reality and got to create Cascade Ceramics to spread the joy of pottery with our community.

Some of my favorite things to make include wheel thrown tiny pots, a variety of differently shaped mugs, pinch pots, bowls, large planters, and I love to add chattered texture to most things I make on the wheel. Trimming the perfect leather-hard pot is one of my favorite things about the process of making.

I also love playing with glazes to find the most colorful and fun glaze combinations. I love trying new things and pushing the limits with clay to keep learning. I love teaching  wheel throwing, encouraging my students to try new things and pay attention to the details that will make your pot look like it was finished nicely and with intention.  If you see me come say hi! Im always happy to answer any of your pottery questions and get to know you. :)


Instagram: @forest_floor_pottery

I’m currently a Portland, Oregon based potter, making and firing with wild clays and wood in the surrounding area. I began making in 2017, and have been wood firing ever since. Starting in Seabeck, Washington in the Santatsugama, I laid my foundation of knowledge for firing anagamas. Now, I participate in firings at East Creek Arts in Willamina, Oregon, where I was a resident for three months in 2021. Recently I worked at Georgies Ceramics and Clay, where I met tons of great potters and people and learned more about glazes and clay. My aesthetics center around raw, earthy surfaces and forms, and I enjoy making pots that can be used daily. Techniques I enjoy most are throwing, especially the kickwheel, coiling, and carving clay from a solid block (kurinuki).