Come have fun while learning how to apply underglaze transfers onto pre-made cups and dishes! This workshop is the perfect opportunity to dip your toes into a different kind of glazing surface treatment in a fun and creative atmosphere, and to gain the skills so you can feel confident when applying underglaze transfers on your own.

Tiahna will provide in person demonstration and assistance on how to apply underglaze transfers from a selection provided, or you’re more than welcome to bring your own transfers! Transfers can be applied to the pot for full coverage, cut into pieces to create new design, or even add pieces of multiple transfers to the same pot!

Two pots are provided per person to practice applying transfers to. You are welcome to bring your own greenware, but because transfers must be applied at the perfect clay wetness, your instructor may suggest using a piece provided for you. Pots will be bisque fired then glazed in clear and fired again for the final glaze firing. Your underglaze transfer pots will be ready to pickup about 10 days after the workshop.

Tiahna has 3+ years of experience applying several different underglaze transfers from various suppliers and is eager to share her knowledge with you. Come have fun learning with us!

Skill level: Beginner friendly