This is an intensive and extremely fun throwing focused class. It covers skill building, style, technique, clay choices and tools.  It will train students using wheel throwing techniques for making cylinders and bowls.  Group and personal demonstrations will be made throughout the entire process of making a piece.  Utilizing safe studio practices for ceramic materials will be covered as well. Short casual critiques / Q&A sessions will give opportunities to ask questions and get suggestions / feedback.


This is a good class for those have not touched the wheel for a while and want to refresh their knowledge. Series 2 means this is part 2 of Rasecs beginning wheel, students should have either taken Rasecs beginning wheel 1, or have taken a beginning wheel class or have some pottery wheel experience.

Students will learn about the stages of clay by:


Using the pottery wheel with wet clay to create an object.  

  1. Drying it to the right consistency to trimming.
  2. Trimming the outside, adding a foot or handle or doing other alterations.
  3. Finish drying the object.
  4. Doing the first firing.
  5. Glazing the object.
  6. Doing a final glaze firing to finish the work.


Many people choose to repeat the beginning wheel class more than once, or until they can center clay and make cylinders without instruction before moving on to an intermediate wheel class.


By the end of this class students will have completed several projects to take home and enjoy!


The class will be taught by Rasec. There are 6 sessions in the class.

Learn more about our new instructor Rasec on the Instructors page!


Glazes, firing fees and one bag of clay per student are included in the class price. Similar to membership at Cascade, students can enjoy 24/7 access to the studio to work on projects. Community tools are provided or you may bring your own tools. Students get one 24 x 18 x 16 inch shelf to store projects and materials. 


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