WELCOME! Thank you to those who participated and visited for our 2 year anniversary sale party on May 5th, 2024! Hope to see you again next year!

Our mission is to spread joy & connect the community through making pottery.
Cascade Ceramics Studio is a place to learn, connect with your community, discover your creativity, and be a happy place for students and members to come and make art whenever the inspiration hits.
We offer Pottery Classes ranging from 1 day to 8 weeks, studio memberships, private lessons, group events, and gift cards.

For studio tour, please email us to schedule an appointment. Info@CascadeCeramics.com

1-2 Day Workshops

Click here to see current workshop offerings! New workshops are added monthly.

Looking to dip your toes into pottery or try something new? Then a 1-2 day workshop is a great choice for you!

Clay, tools, and aprons are provided. Come get a little muddy, meet fellow creatives, and take home some new skills and ideas for making new projects come to life!

  • In a one day workshop, you just focus on the fun of making your pot and we will fire and glaze your project for you. Finished projects will be available for pickup about 4 weeks after the workshop.
  • Two day workshops participants learn how to form the project with clay, then get to customize what they made with glazes of their choice. We will fire it and it will be ready for pickup about two weeks after the second workshop day.
  • Minimum age is 16, or 14 if guardian is also taking workshop.

4-8 Week Classes

Click here to view current class offering! If you don’t see any current classes, signup for our newsletter to be notified as soon as new class options are posted!

Class info:

  • Students will learn about the stages of clay, which tools and techniques to use to achieve their desired result, dipping and brushing on glaze, how to create some textures, add attachments, and have lots of fun with our artist community along the way!
  • Classes are 3 hours and meet once per week unless otherwise listed. Students get one 25 pound bag of clay with the purchase of a class. Tools are provided and you may also bring your own.
  • We provide food safe dipping and brushing glazes. Not all outside glazes are safe for use in a community studio, so if you want to bring in your own glazes you must get approval by your instructor. Outside clay also needs instructor approval so it doesn’t melt in the kiln or bring in harsh chemicals to the community environment.
  • Students get 24/7 studio access to practice and work on projects outside of class time with no need to schedule you studio time!
  • Minimum age to sign up for a class is 16.

Studio Membership – $195

Studio members get 24/7 studio access to work independently on our equipment. Because membership is uninstructed, those with less than 2 years of ceramic experience must take 3 classes at Cascade before becoming a member to ensure your safety and happiness working independently.

Those with 2 or more years of ceramics experience should take one class with us before becoming a member in order to get acquainted with the studio. Some exceptions may be made depending on cone 6 glaze and studio equipment use experience.

If you meet these requirements, email us at info@cascadeceramics.com to join the waitlist for a studio membership or schedule a tour of the studio!

Studio amenities for members:

  • Studio members have access to 23 Shimpo Whisper pottery wheels(12 during class times), tools, slab roller, extruder, banding wheels, stamps & texture tools, 10+ cone 6 glazes, an awesome artist community and more!
  • Glazes and firings are included in the cost of membership. Kilns are carefully loaded/unloaded by our staff throughout the week.
  • No need to schedule your studio visits.
  • 25% off classes and workshops.
  • One 48x18x16 shelf to store projects, clay, tools and any other supplies.

Minimum age to sign up is 18. Thank you.

Private Lessons and Group Events

We can accommodate clay parties up to 10 people. To inquire about scheduling an individual or a group lesson please email us at info@cascadeceramics.com. Please note availability is limited based off of our current class schedule and instructors availability.

Minimum age 16 or 14 with a guardian present.

Gift Cards

Click here to purchase a gift card for that awesome potter in your life!

Gift cards can be used for classes, workshops or membership.


By registering for a class, membership, or workshop at Cascade Ceramics Studio, the participant understands and agrees to the studio policies and procedures outlined in the term of service link below.