Terms of Service


By registering for a class, membership, or workshop at Cascade Ceramics Studio, the participant understands and agrees to the studio policies and procedures outlined here.

Cascade Ceramics Studio reserves the right to exclude from our studio anyone who fails to abide by the studio rules and practices and reserves the right to modify these procedures. By using our services, we will never share customer information with third parties. 


Each studio user is expected to behave in a manner consistent with the creative atmosphere of the studio. Creativity typically flourishes in a friendly, enthusiastic yet peaceful setting. Maintain appropriate civility and courteous behavior. If you become aware of a situation that may become unsafe or is interruptive to our community, please notify your instructor or the studio.

Our studio has neighbors on each side and above us doing business during business hours. We require all of our community to be respectful to our neighbors.


Cascade Ceramics Studio classes and workshops are designed to be attended. We cannot provide make-ups or the attending of other classes due to all of our classes being full. Each topic covered will be demonstrated by the instructor and a lost attendance will result in you missing information that may not be repeated in future classes. Classes are given a number of studio time hours where you can make up your missed time.

Any sign ups for classes, workshops, and memberships require a 2-week cancellation time - prior to their scheduled start date.  Please let us know through the studio’s email (info@cascadeceramics.com) with your name and class/workshop/membership month information if you need to cancel.  If we need to cancel a class or workshop due to a natural disaster, severe weather, or mandatory Oregon Health Association restrictions due to Covid-19 we will offer a make-up date in the future.  We will post any emergency closings on our social media and an email will be sent as soon as we know of this situation.


We provide the best care possible for the work you bring to be fired, however we cannot guarantee that work will not be broken, damaged or lost during the process. All firings are handled skillfully by our staff, however this is a community space and is used by many people.

We do our firings on a regular first come first served basis when we have a full kiln load.

You are responsible for picking up your pieces after your firing. Any pieces left longer than 2 weeks after firing will be removed from the studio due to space limitations.

We fire Cone 6 with all of our kilns.  We use Georgie’s clays and lead-free glazes. If you bring outside clay or glazes, please bring a written description with your pieces as to what has been used in their creation if there is no staff member available to okay them.

We do outside firings and our charge is $1.00 per pound or $.06 per ounce for each additional ounce. We have a digital scale in the studio available that will be used for weighing pieces.

Our classes, workshops, and memberships include a given number of firings to go with each of them. All firings in excess may incur a firing fee.


If you have a monthly membership you have 24/7 access by scheduling your time slot on the website calendar. You use your key fob to enter during your scheduled time.

We want to be fair to all of our members and students, therefore we cannot accommodate production potters in our studio.

We have WIFI available in the studio. You may play your music if the other people working around you in the studio agree and keep in mind not to disturb the neighboring businesses during their business hours with loud music.


  • Please do not come into the studio if you or someone you live with are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Be mindful and respect one another as well as our staff. We want to encourage a healthy and happy community.
  • Everyone should wash their hands with soap and warm water upon entering the studio.
  • Please clean any communal tools after you are done using them as well as your work station. Everyone is responsible for cleaning up their clay mess and also wiping their work station.
  • The studio will be sprayed down with disinfectant in the morning before opening
  • Q: What if I, another student or the teacher test positive for COVID?
  • A:
    • If another student tests positive and lets us know, we will inform the class and it will be up to you to decide whether you feel comfortable returning.
    • If one of our teachers tests positive and needs to cancel class, we will do our best to find a substitute instructor. If for some reason we have to miss 1 or 2 times we will refund you a proportionate amount.
    • If you test positive, we apologize but there is no refund or class make up session we can offer.
  • Have more questions? Not a problem! Please contact us at info@cascadeceramics.com