Making Mushrooms with tiahna

Join Tiahna in her natural element - creating mushrooms out of clay! In this 2.5 hour class, you will learn how to create 2-3 different styles of mushrooms ranging between 1" -  4" tall. With her guidance, you will learn how to create one-piece mushrooms that can be done solely by hand sculpting and minimal tool work, as well as a two-piece hollow mushroom that will provide more in depth instruction of joining seperate pieces to create a unified form. 

Tiahna specializes in mushroom planters, incense burners, mugs and more, and each workshop varies slightly in mushroom type and style that will be taught. 

Come get your hands dirty and make beautiful fungi in a hands on, creative environment in the heart of downtown Tigard with an avid mushroom lover

This is a two part workshop. Mushrooms will be bisque fired and participants return one week later at the same time to glaze their mushrooms. Finished mushrooms will be available for pickup the following week. 

sgraffito with tiahna

 Enhance your work with this texture workshop exploring 2D design on 3D ceramic objects. Sgraffito, meaning ’scratched’, explores the coloring of clay and removing of different colored underglaze using various tools to create bold patterns and designs. Students will have the chance to practice on and decorate their own dishes/cups with different colors of underglaze, and a clear coat will be applied to finish the piece by your teacher and glazed pots will be avilable to pick up approximately 10 days later.

  • What to Bring: Students may bring their own, leather-hard pieces to decorate, but there will be premade pieces for you to work with as well. 
  • Experience Requirement: None!

Paint a Handmade Pot with Lydia

Lydia will first demonstrate how to paint pottery with underglaze paints, then you will get to choose a mug or spoon rest to paint with your own designs. 

Beginner friendly workshop.

All pots and materials are provided.

Pots will be glazed with a food-safe clear glaze and available to pickup one week after the workshop.

Come dip your toes into the joy of pottery in this quick intro class!

IMG_9605 (1)

Handbuilt Planter Workshop

In this two part workshop you will learn the basics of handbuilding, using a slab roller and glazing. In the first session we will build our planters, and in the second session we will apply glaze. You will have several clay bodies to choose from as well as a wide variety of glazes. All materials are included in the workshop fee. Come learn to make adorable footed planters! [each session is 2 hrs]

Kurinuki with Lily

Kurinuki, referencing hollowing out from a single block, is a traditional Japanese handbuilding technique that is lively and unconstrained.

In this workshop, we will learn how to hand carve clay while exploring texture and form. Participants will be shown how to make a variety of objects such as cups, boxes, and vases.

This is a two part workshop. In the first 2 hour workshop clay will be provided for participants to make several Kurinuki forms. The following week participants return to glaze their work. Many glazes are provided to choose from. Finished glazed pieces will be ready for pickup one week after glazing.


underglaze transfersand decals with tiahna

Tiahna will provide in person demonstration and assistance on how to apply transfers from a selection provided, or you're more than welcome to bring your own! Provided per person will be 2 pieces of greenware to practice appling transfers on thrown by your instructor. You are welcome to bring your own greenware, but because transfers must be applied at the perfect clay wetness, your instructor may suggest using a piece provided for you.

Tiahna has 3+ years of experience applying several different underglaze transfers from various suppliers and is eager to share her knowledge with you.

Come blend 2D and 3D design in a brand new, beautiful studio and learn more about the world of underglaze transfers and decals!

surface textures with jaz

In this two part workshop, participants will learn a variety of surface texture techniques such as slip application, chattering and carving textures into leather hard pots, using the Steve tool and techniques for glazing the textured pots. 

Jaz will first demonstrate how to apply each texture, then will help instruct as you try creating the texture on your own. 4 leather hard pots will be provided per person. You are also welcome to bring your own leather hard pots to apply the textures to. 

In the second class, Jaz will cover several glazing techniques to accentuate the different textures of the pots. 

Glaze and bisque fire included. Finished glazed pots will be available for pickup 10 days after the second class meeting.