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Beginning Pottery Wheel

Intermediate pottery wheel


Intro to pottery (Wheel&handbuilding)

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Minimum age to sign up for classes is 16.

Beginning Pottery wheel

Beginning classes are designed for those with little or no clay experience or for those who want to refresh their knowledge and skills.

Over the 8 week class, you will learn how to center a ball of clay on the wheel, pull up the walls of the clay to form small cylinders and bowls, trim your pot when it reaches the leather hard stage, and how to glaze your new creation.

By the end of this class students will have completed several projects completed to take home and enjoy, and the skills to move on to intermediate(or repeat beginning wheel to build a strong foundation of skills before moving on to making more advanced forms)!

Intermediate wheel

For Intermediate wheel throwing you must already be able to center clay on the wheel and throw cylinders and bowls. This class will focus on developing your forms further and will give you all the skills necessary to make a teapot. You will learn to belly out forms, collar them in, make spouts and handles.

Students will also learn various surface texture treatments and more advanced glazing techniques such as using wax resist and stains.

Handbuilding 2

This term we are offering Handbuilding 2 which is an intermediate/advanced class. Pre-requisites are you must know how to slip and score coil pots and use clay slabs and pinching techniques to create your pieces. Lily will demonstrate and then give you work time to make whatever form you want and offer help and suggestions as you work. Click on the button for more information.

Intro to Pottery

Intro to Pottery is a great course for those who are interested in creating with clay and want to try both handbuilding and pottery wheel throwing, or want to refresh their pottery skills. Lily will teach several handbuilding techniques which may include pinch pots, slab built forms, and coil pots, and also how to use the pottery wheel to make cylinders and small bowls. Glazing will also be taught and students will create several projects to take home and enjoy during this class. 


The first 30-45 minutes of the class you will watch your instructor demonstrate what you will be doing during that class. After the demonstration, its your turn to create! Your instructor will watch and give you feedback on your projects as you work for the rest of the class time. This is also a good time to ask them any questions you may have! 

We want to support a growing and learning environment, we learn as you learn!

Students are provided with all the materials necessary for the class. One bag of clay, glazes and firings are included in the price of the class. 

At the studio we have community tools you can use, or new tool kits you can purchase for $10. Please feel free to bring your own tools if you have some and would prefer to use them!

Cascade Ceramics Studio classes include:

  • A 25-lb bag of clay
  • Glazes/materials
  • Bisque and glaze firings 
  • Use of studio machinery, tools and equipment
  • 24x16x16 in. shelf storage 
  • 4 hours of studio time outside of the scheduled class time per week
  • In-person class sessions- Time to work on projects, ask questions and get feedback, meet new people, hang out with our shop dog, Tucker, and more 🙂