Frequently Asked Questions

I did a workshop/private lesson, when can I pick up my pots?2023-01-18T20:32:10-08:00

Pickup times are Monday & Wednesday 9 am – noon. If you took a class and these times don’t work for you please email us to schedule another pickup time.

Pottery must be fired in the kiln twice after being formed before it is finished so please allow up to 2-3 weeks for your pottery to be ready.

How can I contact the studio?2023-01-18T20:36:00-08:00

You can contact us by email at Info@CascadeCeramics.com. We will get back to your message as soon as we can but please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

Do you do outside firings for community artists?2023-01-18T19:53:38-08:00

No, we do not have room to accommodate outside firings.

Do you sell clay in the studio for outside artists?2023-01-18T19:47:28-08:00

Not at this time.

Do you give discounts if I sign both me and my partner up at the same time?2022-11-18T17:50:11-08:00

We do not offer multi-person discounts due to the reason that you are both using the electricity for firings and our equipment and tools, materials such as glazes and clay, teaching time, etc.

Can I bring my old ceramic item in to be repainted because the color wore off?2022-11-18T17:49:46-08:00

We are unable to fire any pottery that we don’t know what it’s clay and glaze content originally was due to potential damage to the kiln and other people’s projects as well as your own piece.

I missed signing up for a class. Are you going to run more soon?2022-11-18T17:49:20-08:00

We run classes continuously so when the current classes conclude, more start up. We post the new class dates about 3 weeks prior to the start up.

Can I come in for a one-time class?2022-11-18T17:48:53-08:00

We love to do private lessons for individuals and also team-building and private parties for groups up to 10 people by appointment. We supply the instructor and you will be able to make some things to keep. We have you choose your glaze then we dry, trim and fire them for you to pick up in about 10 days.

Can I drop in and make things?2023-01-18T19:52:01-08:00

No. You must be in a class, workshop, private lesson or member to use the studio.

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