In this hands-on demonstration, Samuel Newman of Suay Ceramics will discuss techniques and strategies to elevate your ceramic mug designs with balanced and thoughtfully crafted handles. During this 6 hour workshop, we will analyze the mug form through the lens of handle placement and fit, demonstrate various handle making techniques on three distinct mug designs, and practice these techniques on your own handcrafted mugs!

Learning Objectives

● How to think and talk about the composition of a form (Lip – Foot – Handle)

● Understand how to pull and design a handle off your vessel with added coils

● Understand the benefits and challenges of common handle making practices

● Understand Suay Ceramics’ iterative approach to developing your voice in clay through the lens of the almighty ceramic mug.

● Draw connections between creativity, community, and clay

● Have fun

Day 1 (3 hours)

● Introduction and Agenda – 10 Min

● Student introduction and goals – 20 min

● Overview of Suay Cermaic’s iterative design process through the lens of the Mug – 30 min

● Throw, alter, trim and handle – 3 different mug designs 1 hour ● Students throw 3 mug forms – 1 hour

Day 2 (3 hours)

● Recap of core concepts from day 1 – 10 min

● Finish Handle Demonstration – 30 min

● Trim and handle mugs from day – 2 hours

● Closing and cleanup – 10 m

Students can choose Laguna B-mix cone 5 or cone 10 clay to use.

Students may choose to take their greenware home to finish it, or have the studio do the bisque firing and glaze firing if desired. Fired mugs will be ready in about 3 weeks if only bisque fired or about 4 weeks after the workshop if you chose to have them glaze fired too.

Learn more about Sam:

Instagram: SuayCeramics